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Providing Rapidly Deployable, Secure, Reliable, Adaptable Night Vision Solutions.

Why War Lantern?

We are a company dedicated to custom building the right Night Vision equipment required by you and your mission, based on your exact specifications. With over 100 years of combined experience in the design, manufacturing, research/development, testing and active duty implementation of the latest in Night Vison Equipment, we are the right company for you. We are honest and direct, if we cannot make what you need, we will go out of our way to help you find it.

In addition, we partner with many strategic battle proven partners in the defense industry to become a “One Stop Shop” to service a multitude of tactical operations. 


  • Night Vision Compatible Day scopes from Red Dots to Sniper.

  • Night Vision accessories and parts.

  • Tactical and personnel lights.

  • Helmet, weapon mounts, Rails, dual Bridges, Camera Adapters, etc.

  • Infra-Red driving lights.

  • Aviation and Ballistic Helmets.

  • Operation and maintenance training and certifications.

  • Airframe NVG conversions and certifications.

  • Pilot and Crew FAA NVG training and Certifications.

  • Test Equipment for end-user, intermediate and Depot level maintenance.

  • Secured Communications with Video.

  • Drones.

  • Weapon platforms.

  • Ammunitions.

  • Bulletproof window film.

War Lantern Made Made in America Systems

Made in America Systems



 It's our goal to provide the most advanced night vision technologies to better protect the lives of those that serve.

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War Lantern Night Vision 2
War Lantern Night Vision 3
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